Why would anyone need a Mailbox?
Here are some of the common reasons for renting a Mailbox: 
  • You want to receive FedEx, DHL or UPS boxes and the post office will not accept them.
  • You are working out of your home and don't want to publicize your address.
  • You previously lost some mail or it was stolen.
  • You receive mail that would require your signature and you cannot be present for delivery.
  • You can have a professional address instead of a PO Box address. 
To be able to rent a Mailbox, you need to fill out USPS Form 1583 that requires you to present (in person) two identification cards, one with a photograph, at the time of Mailbox rental. We must also verify your current address.

Our Mailbox rental fees are $10.00 per month. Mailbox rental fees are payable on a quarterly basis. There is also a one-time key deposit of $25.00.

There will be a $5.00 late fee for every month past due.

Reminder: For your mail to be forwarded anywhere, you have to have a USPS Form 1583 on file; in other words, you have to be a Mailbox holder. Then, and only then, can we forward your mail anywhere you wish.

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